This is kind-of a big dill. 

Why is this a big dill you ask?

Founded in 2019, Herbbox aims to eliminate food waste by offering pre-potted herb plants every month. 

Why would anyone want that? I can just buy seeds from the store. 

Why would anyone want to buy seeds, pots, soil and a new garden kit to pot their herbs, only to walk past it one sunday to find it dead? In short- Thyme is money, save yours by not having to think about what seeds to buy, how to nurture it, and when it prune it. Our subscription boxes come pre-potted, so, no mess for you! And, each box is tailored to match the season. 

Who are you guys?

Just some normal (however you define it) boys and gals and everything inbetween, living in sunny Southern California, who are sick of wasting herbs. 

Any tips or ticks on how to take care of our plants?

Unlike my dog, herbs don't need a lot of attention, just some TLC with water and vitamin D. 

Also our main tip would be to play our theme song whenever you open your box. 

Our theme song: Hammer Thyme. 

I have a problem with my order!

No worries, shoot us a quick email and we'll handle everything from there. We value our customers, so if you're not satisfied with your herb then we guarantee money back!