Here's how it works

1. Choose your subscription cycle. We offer 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. 

2. We select herbs according to the season- think mint for summer drinks, or thyme for winter stews!

3. Receive you herb box every 3rd week of the month. Cook it, mix it or dry it! 

Why Herbbox?

Ok, so, clearly you've never cooked a day in your life. 

Has this ever happened to you- you want to throw a kicka** dinner party but a recipe calls for fresh basil, so you take the thyme out of your day to go buy some fresh 🌿 and you garnish your dish like a michelin star chef- all you friends are impressed, you ex from 5 years ago calls to apologize, the Queen of England wants to knight you, but then when they leave, you're stuck with a bunch of leftover basil and honestly, how many recipes call for fresh basil? (we don't know that number too, but not many!)

So, being tired of wasting herbs, we started Herbbox, a monthly subscription box that delivers fresh herbs to your door every month.

Does this answer your question?

If not, then send us a quick email! We love oversharing, so email us for your order questions, recipe help or anything else!

Healthy Herbs in a Simple Monthly Box

Starting at $12 a Month